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Wheel balancing and expert tyre fitting in East Calder

At Autocare Solutions, we offer tyre fitting and wheel balancing for our local customers. We have access to all common tyre sizes with competitive prices, even in comparison to specialist tyre shops.

We offer budget, midrange and performance tyres, in order to suit any specific requirements or budget.

Winter Tyres

Weather conditions can change abruptly in winter; it’s highly recommended that you have winter tyres fitted when there’s a chance of bad weather. In West Lothian, the main danger period runs from mid-November until the beginning of April. Winter tyres increase your vehicle’s grip in poor weather conditions. If the road surfaces are icy or snow covered, with a set of good quality winter tyres you’ll really notice the improvement in grip, control and perhaps most importantly, braking.

In many European countries, winter tyres are a legal requirement to have fitted to your vehicle throughout the winter months.

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Specialist tyres

We can also provide and fit a range of specialist tyres, such as ‘run flats’. These tyres can be driven on, even at low pressure. Effectively, even once flat they have an effective range of circa 50 miles. This makes a huge difference in the ability of the car to make it home or to a local garage, rather than having to change a wheel on the side of the road or call your local recovery service.

Wheel balancing

When fitting new tyres, we’ll always make sure your wheels are balanced. This involves using small weights to adjust for natural variance in weight through your wheel and tyre. Without a correctly balanced wheel, you may experience uneven tyre wear and uncomfortable vibrations whilst driving. Driving long distances with unbalanced wheels can even cause damage to various components of your car, such as the suspension and steering.

If you know you need new tyres and want to book for this directly, contact us at Autocare Solutions. It helps to know the tyre size you require, so that we can order the parts before you come to our garage. This can ordinarily be found written on the sidewall of your current tyres. If you’re not sure what tyre size you need, we can check your tyres condition and tread depth for you, and advice you on the best tyres suited to your vehicle.

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