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For cars, vans and light commercial vehicles in East Calder

At Autocare Solutions, we provide MOT testing and car servicing for customers in the East Calder area. Regular servicing is, without question, the best way to keep your vehicle running smoothly, safely and at optimal efficiency. Keeping as close to your manufacturer’s recommended service schedules is the ultimate way to maximise the life of your vehicle.

During a service, we’ll carry out multi-point checks on various aspects of your vehicle. This allows early identification of any areas of concern we might have with your vehicle. At Autocare Solutions, we are adept at spotting the early warning signs of problems, often meaning we’re able to address issues before they become major problems; potentially saving you time, hassle and significant amounts of money.

At Autocare Solutions, we offer interim, full and major servicing for all makes and models. To view our service schedules, use our online booking tool and enter your registration. We work towards manufacturer service schedules too, tailoring our interim, full or major service to your vehicle and checking your previous service history to make sure you’re receiving the right service.

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During your service, if any additional repairs are required, we’ll contact you first before we go ahead. We’ll run through what is needed with any explanations and run through the price of each part and repair individually. We recommend repairs to our customers that we think are needed, and it’s up to you whether you want us to go ahead.

Your MOT test at Autocare Solutions

MOT tests are a legal requirement for nearly all road vehicles, once they exceed 3 years of age. Ordinarily, we would recommend that a service is carried out on your vehicle, prior to it undergoing an MOT test. Not only is regular servicing good practice generally, but it allows us to identify any areas that may cause issues during the MOT test, potentially saving you both time and money.

If you don’t need a service, but your MOT is due. You can book online using our online booking tool. Not sure when your MOT date is? Our online MOT checker helps identify when your last MOT test was conducted.

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Our service options and MOT tests can be booked online, 24 hours a day. Just enter your vehicle registration and click the option you require; it’s as simple as that!

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